My wine, 2006 vintage

Just opened a bottle of the wine I made in 2006 (see my blog posts from then here and here.) After bottling, I was disappointed: it had a bit of a prickle to it, presumably from an incomplete malo. But a few years down the line, it’s looking really nice. Fresh, with cherry and berry […]

My picks from the Virgin press tasting

Spent the morning in Kingston Hospital with older son. Last Saturday he broke his collarbone playing rugby, down in Somerset at school. So he’s been home all week, and this morning I took him in for his fracture clinic appointment. In typical fashion we weren’t seen until an hour after our appointment time, and they […]

Rousseau tasting: what a treat!

Just back from a tasting of Rousseau Burgundys at Roberson, one of London’s most interesting merchants. They run a really interesting series of tastings for consumers: events like these give people who haven’t got a gazillion pound wine budget a chance to drink a range of wines like these.

The tasting covered a range of vintages, […]

A brilliant, affordable Portuguese red

Get a load of this. It’s a really great Portuguese red, from the Dao region, and it’s brilliant value for money. I love the freshness, grip and definition.

Quinta das Maias 2008 Dao, Portugal
13.5% alcohol. 55% jaen, 20% touriga nacional, 10% alfrocheiro, 10% tinta amarela, 5% tinta roriz. Lovely firm dark cherry nose with some savoury, meaty […]

Watch out: wine investment scam cold calling

Just a quick alert. Beware of anyone cold calling selling wine as an investment. I know this sounds like obvious advice, but some people seem to ignore it.

Lionel Nierop, who runs Bid For Wine, told me that he’s discovered that a scam company had been cold calling consumers, selling wine as an investment while pretending […]

A remarkable day of tasting wine

Today was one of those days where I had to pinch myself. How come a dude with an interest in wine and a hobby website can end up writing about the subject for a living? How is it that I’ve been fluky enough to land some very nice gigs? How come I get paid to […]

Two impressive Champagnes

Two very impressive, and relatively affordable Champagnes (by Champagne standards, of course). Champagnes are some of the hardest wines to write vaguely sensible tasting notes about, so I hope you will forgive me for my efforts.

Champagne Franck Bonville Avize Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs 2005
Very fine, refined toasty nose with citrus fruit and subtle nuttiness. […]

Scion: a tawny Port from the 1850s

A great privilege to be able to try this tawny Port, dating back to the 1850s. Taylor’s have acquired two pipes of it (a pipe is 600 litres, but with an older wine like this the barrels won’t be full), and are releasing it this December, at a price tag of £2500 a bottle. It’s […]

England v Australia: great rugby preceded by great wine

What a great afternoon. I went to Twickenham to watch England versus Australia, preceded by lunch in St Margarets. It was at a small BYO cafe, so two of us enjoyed three wines (we didn’t finish them all…). First up, Mount Horrocks Riesling 2001 Clare Valley, which is ageing very nicely. Fresh and citrussy with […]

Nyetimber Sparkling Rose 2007: a new English wine

Very interested to get a chance to drink this new wine. It’s a pink fizz from one of the UK’s top sparkling wine producers, Nyetimber. This is the first Nyetimber release to be made by winemaker Cherie Spriggs, who joined in 2007. Initially, just 1500 bottles were released; the plan is to make a larger […]