Horses in the vineyard

Just been for a pleasant horse ride in the vineyard here in Bio Bio. Coincidentally, I am just reading Cormac McCarthy’s All the pretty horses, so I’m quite into horses at the moment. Mine was a stout little beast who responded well to a quick clip of the heels on the midriff for about 20 […]

Chile day 1: Bio Bio

First proper day in Chile. We’ve spent it in Bio Bio, a cool-climate region down south. This morning was spent in the vineyards here, owned by Veranda/Corpora. They’ve been busy planting a lot of Pinot Noir, in particular, but also have Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, plus a bit of Malbec.

We saw some remarkable young vineyards, […]

In Chile!

In Chile! I’m spending this week exploring Chile, and in particular some of the newer cool-climate wine regions. The journey here has been a long one for this merry band of five: David Williams, Chris Losh, Peter Richards, Emma Wellings (leading the trip) and myself.

We set off from Heathrow for an 11 hour flight to […]

A serious Kiwi Riesling: Framingham F-Series

Framingham, who I’ve reviewed before here, are one of New Zealand’s most underrated producers, I reckon. All their wines are good, but it’s Riesling for which they are best known. This is their top Riesling, and it’s pretty serious. It’s the oldest vines on the estate (this is Marlborough, so they’ll be 30 years old […]

Neal Martin's exceptional Pomerol tasting

A pleasant Thursday night outing: Neal Martin was compere for tonight’s tasting at Roberson, with the focus on Pomerol. Neal is writing a book on the topic, and with the research he has done, there is no one more qualified to present this tasting.

Pomerol is newly famous. An appellation of 780 hectares, it’s only really […]

RTL update: poooopies on the way, soon!

Rosie The Labradoodle is with puppy. And she’s due to give birth at some stage over the next week. Saturday night, if our calculations are correct.

It was just over two years ago that she had her first litter; we have no idea about how many to expect. Last time it was eight, and they were […]

Video: tasting three Pinot Noirs from the 2008 vintage

A short video of me tasting two Burgundies (shouldn’t really call them Pinot Noirs, should I?) and an Aussie Pinot (Mornington Peninsula) in my incredibly untidy study.

Super Portuguese white: Ameal Loureiro

This is a wine I like quite a bit. It’s a brilliant Vinho Verde, made from the Loureiro grape variety (not the more famous Alvarinho).

Quinta do Ameal Branco 2009 Vinho Verde, Portugal
11% alcohol. This is from the Loureiro grape variety grown in the Lima sub-region of Vinho Verde. Very fine, aromatic and crisp with a […]

A serious Sauvignon: Greywacke, from Marlborough, New Zealand

This is good. It’s a serious Sauvignon Blanc from Greywacke (pronounced ‘grey-wacky’), which is the label of Kevin Judd, ex-Cloudy Bay.

Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc 2010 Marlborough, New Zealand
13.5% alcohol. From the Wairau and Southern Valleys, this has a lively mineral and grapefruit nose. It’s quite exotic, with freshness and a bit of fruit sweetness. The palate […]

Lunch at the Harwood Arms followed by a great game

Had a brilliant day yesterday. It began with lunch at the Harwood Arms, together with Joe Wadsack, Will Willis and Stuart Bowman-Hood. Proceedings began with a pint of Sambrook’s junction: rich, a bit hoppy, and with a distinct note of eggy sulfide (Burton stink is the correct term for this?). This went very well with […]