South Africa, day 1

So I managed to sleep through most of the flight from London to Cape Town. I was helped by a pair of eye shades and some ear plugs, the first time I have tried these on a plane. And they worked quite well. It meant that when I arrived, I was feeling fresh.

I spent today […]

A pair from Nicodemi, in Italy's Abruzzo

Two nice wines here from Abruzzo producer Nicodemi. Affordable and delicious, with plenty of personality.

Nicodemi Trebbiano d’Abruzzo 2009 Italy
12.5% alcohol. Really lovely aromatic nose with citrus, grapefruit and herb notes. The palate has a warm nutty edge to the fruit, which is rounded and broad with a bit of grapefruit freshness. Very appealing wine with […]

On my way to South Africa

So I’m off to South Africa.

As I type, I’m sitting in the Star Alliance lounge, and it feels a bit naughty because I’m actually flying economy class.

It’s just that I fly so often, my Kris Air Gold Elite status gets me into business class lounges, and lets me jump the queue at check-in. I’ll still […]

Auto Draft

It is now just about the end of a long day; one that has been mixed.

This morning I walked the dog, then headed off to the Marks & Spencer press tasting in their very glitzy modern offices in Paddington. There was a tube strike today in London, so not many people showed up. I was […]

A lovely wine dinner: Dom P, Jamet, Vieux Telegraphe, Conseillante

Went over to my sister’s last night for a spot of dinner. Brother-in-law William is a wine nut, so we had a few nice bottles open.

First off, Dom Perignon 2002. It’s rich for a Dom P, but quite lovely and elegant. This was contrasted with a more evolved Drappier Grand Sendree 1999. Then we moved […]

Nicking a name, presumably inadvertently: Koru Sauvignon Blanc

A while back I reported here on boutique Marlborough (NZ) producer Koru. Owned by Jasper and Sarah Raats, they make small quantities of high quality Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. Their wines are fantastic. On their website, they talk about how they took great care in choosing the name Koru.

Imagine my surprise when at the […]

Asda press tasting, and a first look at Brancott (ex Montana)

It was the Asda press tasting today. For those outside the UK, Asda is a supermarket with a reputation for value for money, aimed higher than Lidl and Aldi, but perhaps a little lower than Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

I tasted a good many of the 140 wines on show, and came away quietly impressed. There were […]

The Wine Opus launch: on the winning team!

Last night was the launch of The Wine Opus, a significant new wine book that is probably the heaviest I’ve yet encountered. The reason it is so heavy is that it is amazingly comprehensive, boasting entries on 4000 of the world’s most exciting wineries, together with introductions to the key regions and attractive maps.

Interestingly, the […]