El Cayado Bierzo: is it the same wine?

A while back I recommended the El Cayado Bierzo from Oddbins (£8.99), and today I plugged it in my Sunday Express column, describing it as one of the best sub-£10 wines I’ve tasted this year.

I even went and bought a bottle because I liked it so much (the first bottle I tried was sent to […]

Three Austrian wines from Tegernseerhof

The world is awash with interesting wine, even if you have to dig around a bit to find it. The problem this creates for me is I’m perpetually feeling a bit guilty for not plugging certain interesting regions or styles often enough, and one country that I think over-delivers in terms of interest is Austria. […]

On the beach

Spent the day down at West Wittering, near Chichester. It’s one of the UK’s best beaches. And we enjoyed a day of full sunshine, without a single cloud – it was even warm enough to swim in the sea, which I did twice, and survived.

We went with two other families, leaving at 7 am to […]

Man O’War and my duplicate notes

Just written up my notes from July’s visit to Man O’War on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. It was a memorable visit on a gorgeously sunny winter’s day, and Waiheke is incredibly scenic.

The report (which you can read here) contains duplicated tasting notes. I tasted through the range at the London trade fair in May (in […]

Is the taste of wine a property of the wine?

A philosophical point, but an important one. Is the ‘taste’ of a wine a property of a wine? Here are my thoughts.

A wine has physical properties, which can be measured. These are ‘real’, in that the wine has a chemical composition. If several researchers examine the wine using analytic tools such as spectrophotometry or GC-MS […]

Planeta Cerasuolo di Vittoria: an elegant Sicilian red

Back in February 2009 I visited Sicilian producer Planeta (report here). It was a great visit, and I particularly enjoyed the Cerusuolo from Vittoria, a blend of Nero d’Avola with the bright, fresh Frappato variety. I even went out and bought some afterwards, which for a wine writer deluged by samples is a true endorsement.

Planeta […]