A remarkable natural Crozes Hermitage

This is one of the most drinkable wines in the universe. It’s a natural Crozes Hermitage made without any additions, and it’s simply beautiful. It’s not terribly profound, but it is joyful and has hints of seriousness. From natural wine legends Dard & Ribo.

RJ Dard & F Ribo ‘C’est le Printemps’ Crozes Hermitage 2009 Northern […]

Video: making Port, traditional and modern approaches

Making Port wine: traditional and modern approaches from Jamie Goode on Vimeo.

Video: Jamie Goode in the Douro

A new video. It’s a sort of hybrid between my scenic vineyard pieces and my pieces to camera. I’ve been trying to improve the quality of these videos without making them impossibly large to upload, so I hope the extra clarity this brings to the picture is appreciated! I’m also trying out Vimeo, as opposed […]

Tio Pepe Fino ‘En Rama’ – we like!

This is fantastic. It’s a special bottling of Gonzalez Byas’ Tio Pepe Fino Sherry, taken from the cask when the flor (the layer of yeast cells growing on the surface of the liquid) is at its thickest in Spain. It’s a thrillingly complex, slightly hazy Fino (it hasn’t been clarified or filtered) and it has […]

An evening with Randall Grahm

One of the thrills of writing about wine, apart from getting paid to do my hobby, is that I get to meet my wine heros. And last night, for the first time, I got to meet Randall Grahm.

It was a dinner at Artisan and Vine (a natural wine bar in Clapham) hosted by wine tasting […]

A thrillingly good, inexpensive Mencia

Mencia, the red grape of the Bierzo region in the northwest of Spain, is the same as Portugal’s Jaen. And it’s a grape I really like. Now this wine is one of my best value wines of the year – it’s a thoroughly delicious, fresh, reasonably complex red of great appeal. Buying like this is […]

Video: Fino Sherry is a perfect summer drink

Here’s a short film where I taste two rather good Fino sherries.

Is it rude to take pictures of food?

In his latest restaurant review, Giles Coren has the following to say about foodbloggers taking photos of food:

I think photographing one’s food in a restaurant is easily as rude, disrespectful and brutish as making a phone call, scrolling a BlackBerry or dropping one’s trousers in the middle of the room and taking a massive dump. […]

A lovely summer’s day: cricket, beer, a barbecue

Today has been quite lovely. It’s not often we have a day like this, chez Goode, where everyone gets on well together, we have fun, and it finishes well.

It was cricket, again. After the needle match two weeks ago with St Stephens, Twickenham, our team (All Souls St Margarets) took on All Saints Fulham, at […]

A wonderful Aussie Syrah with a French accent

This wine is brilliant. I really like the style, which bridges the Northern Rhone and warmer-climate new world regions. And it’s very well priced.

Domaine Tournon Shiraz or Syrah 2008 Western Victoria, Australia
Cork sealed, 14.5% alcohol. This is fantastic. Sweet berryish nose with some plum, pepper and spice notes, as well as some violet hints. There’s […]