A deliciously drinkable Loire red from Druet

I still buy wine, even though I could drink myself to oblivion on free samples. A while back I blogged on Druet’s Cent Boisselees 2003 Bourgeuil, and on the back of this I have just bought six of the 2005 Cent Boisselees and six of this current wine, also in the 2005 vintage.

Now these are […]

Where is this? Picture quiz

Here’s a nice picture of a vineyard. Where is it?

Domaine Tempier Bandol 1999 - the benefit of cellaring wine

Drinking a very attractive Bandol tonight – one that illustrates the benefit of cellaring wine. It’s Domaine Tempier’s 1999, from a half bottle. Now half bottles age faster than regular bottles, and they don’t tend to reach as good a destination (otherwise halves would save us the hassle of extended cellaring). But this is drinking […]

Fizz pictures

Tried taking some generic sparkling wine pictures with today’s lunchtime glasses of Champagne (here chez Goode we feel it is very civilized to drink with Sunday lunch). Here are the results.

Hush Heath Estate Balfour Brut – one of the UK’s top wines

Today was our 17th wedding anniversary. Yet as Fiona presented me with an anniversary card, I shuddered. Raw fear. Terror. I’d forgotten, and unlike Basil Fawlty, who pretended to forget his anniversary to spring a surprise on Sybil (Agincourt? Trafalgar? Crecy? Poitiers? Yom Kippur?), I had genuinely forgotten. It’ not that I hadn’t remembered the […]

Super Sonoma Pinot: Patz & Hall

We don’t see enough decent Californian wines here in the UK. This is a really impressive Pinot Noir from Sonoma that I really enjoyed.

Patz & Hall Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2007 Sonoma, California
14.2% alcohol. This is the entry level wine in Patz & Hall’s portfolio of Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, but it’s really good. A […]

At the dentist

Sitting waiting for my appointment at the dentist. I worry about my teeth because I’m tasting so much wine. Getting teeth fixed is expensive and uncomfortable, and I’d quite like to keep these ones I have as long as possible.

But exposing them regularly to acidic liquids is not ideal. After a long tasting my mouth […]

An old Madeira at the Waitrose press tasting

After finishing off some admin duties and walking the dog, I headed into town for the Waitrose press tasting. For the benefit of overseas readers, let me explain that Waitrose is the UK’s most upmarket supermarket, with the sort of wine range that straddles usual inexpensive supermarket fare and also higher-end wines such as you […]

A wonderful Gravner lunch

I spent the morning filming undercover with the BBC (which was very exciting; I’ll tell you more when I can), before heading over to Aspinall’s on Curzon Street for an incredible lunch (see The Metro review), with a vertical of the wines of Josko Gravner, one of the world’s most interesting wine growers.

Aspinall’s is a […]

Wine closures in the The Wall Street Journal

Coincidentally, the day after I returned from Planet Zebulon, where I’d been visiting Nomacorc’s headquarters, The Wall Street Journal ran a feature on the way synthetic corks and screwcaps have taken market share away from natural cork, focusing strongly on Nomacorc. You can read it here.

The article is pretty comprehensive, and contains an interesting graphic […]