Tesco press tasting and filing my US tax return at the embassy

The Tesco press tasting was held today, on a fruit day (according the biodynamic calendar). The wines tasted pretty good, and I found plenty that will end up in my Sunday Express column. It’s important for wine drinkers in the UK that major retailers such as Tesco do a good job, because they dominate the […]

A stylish Rully from Devevey

Really like this wine. It’s a complex, rich white Burgundy from a relatively lowly appellation. Jean-Yves Devevey is clearly a talented winegrower – you just wonder what might happen if people like him were given custody of much smarter terroirs, currently in the hands of underacheivers. Also worth checking out is his slightly cheaper Hautes-Cotes-de-Beaune […]

Recently on the main wineanorak site

Some meaty stuff on the main wineanorak.com site of late:

AA Badenhorst Family Wines: reviewing Adi Badenhorst’s impressive Swartland wines
Pierre Morey/Morey Blanc: part 3 of my report on a visit to Burgundy
Visiting Planeta: an in-depth report on this impressive Sicilian producer
Giovanni Rosso: great Barolos from Davide Rosso – proper wines

Viewing London from the Enotria tasting

Today was the Enotria tasting, held at ‘Altitude 360’ on the 29th floor of the Millbank Tower. I’d never been here before, but it’s a stunning location with views across London in all directions.

Enotria are a major agency business with a broad portfolio that’s particularly strong in Italian wines, but is becoming strong across the board. […]

Sweet wine season, 8: Tamar Ridge Kayena Botrytis Riesling

Having a lot of fun with sweet wines, still. Here’s another cracker from Tasmania. So pure.

Tamar Ridge Kayena Vineyard Botrytis Riesling 2007 Tasmania
9% alcohol. Highly aromatic with notes of melon, citrus fruits, grapefruit and crystalline fruits. The palate is sweet and pure with wonderful freshness, viscous, intense melon and citrus fruit, and good balancing acidity. […]

Shameless marketing…this is so bad

Just alerted to the following piece of marketing by a post on the UK wine forum over at wine-pages.com. It’s from Laithwaites, and I think it’s pretty appalling. I strongly suspect that Becca Reeves, the wine buyer concerned, didn’t write this, but that it comes directly from the bowels of Laithwaites marketing team. The original […]

Urban art with younger son and RTL

Fiona is away for the weekend with friends, so I’m a lone parent for a few days. [It’s normally the other way round.] Remarkably, I’ve managed to get younger son out walking the dog with me twice today, although he was on his bike.

This afternoon I tempted him out by offering to go along with […]

An incredible Barossa Shiraz – one of the best ever?

I was blown away by this wine. I’ve tasted lots and lots of Barossa reds, and of those, this is perhaps the best – or at least very close to that. When I poured it, the density and intensity colour made me suspect it was going to be one of those big, spoofy styles, but […]

Scores for wines: it’s getting silly

On balance, I’d rather have scores for wine than not. In a critical assessment of wine, given that we have such an impoverished language for tastes and smells, a score helps a reader know exactly how good the taster considered the wine to be. That’s helpful. But the 100 point scale is beginning to get […]

Seresin’s incredible six-pack: 2007 Pinot Noirs

Biodynamic Marlborough (NZ) producer Seresin is making some pretty serious wine these days, and with this thrilling line-up of Pinot Noirs from the 2007 vintage, they’ve demonstrated that the Marlborough region deserves to be taken more seriously for this variety. It seems that in the right hands, Marlborough Pinot Noir can stand alongside top Pinots […]