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John Radford

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newspain.gif (17566 bytes)The New Spain

John Radford

Hardcover - 224 pages (15 October, 1998)
Mitchell Beazley; ISBN: 1857322541


Spain is in the midst of what amounts to a revolution in wine. Those who considered it an unchanging, traditional source for unexciting, traditional wines would be amazed by the dramatic rise in quality and the extraordinary explosion of wine styles that has taken place throughout the country in recent years. This rapid transformation, together with the enigmatic nature of the nation itself, demands a definitive, up-to-date reference book. The New Spain covers every aspect of the wines and wine regions of Spain, from its beginnings up to the present day. From soil types and vineyard classification to the most innovative bodegas and newest wine styles, wine lovers will be able to get to grips with the fascinatingly complex world of Spanish wine. Whether it is a classic, oaky Rioja or a clean, crisp, spakling Cava, you are sure to find it here--along with many other wine styles you may never have encountered. John Radford is the first wine writer to approach the subject of Spanish wine in a logical, region-by-region tour of the country. In an informative, accessible style, he examines climate, geography, grape varieties and the winemaking traditions of each wine zone. Perhaps more importantly for wine-lovers, Radford profiles each region's bodegas, and Includes tips on their best wines. Beautifully illustrated with over 150 colour photographs, and with specially comissioned maps showing the location of all wine regions, The New Spain is a pleasure to read as well as an indispensible guide for anyone interested in Spanish wine.

A region-by-region tour of Spanish wines, ranging from classics such as Rioja and sherry to relative newcomers such as Ribera del Duero and Navarra. There is a guide to vineyard classifications, grapes, soil, climate and winemaking processes.

The author, John Radford johnradford@gb.net, 21 May, 1999
Many thanks to everyone who bought it - and good luck to those still to get it! THE NEW SPAIN sold out in less than three months and has been reprinted. It has also won the Champagne Lanson award for wine book of the year and the Glenfiddich Award for drinks book of the year in the UK.

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