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Rosemary George

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Wines of the South of France

Rosemary George

Paperback - 544 pages (18 June, 2001)
Faber and Faber; ISBN: 057119267X


A comprehensive guide to all the wonderful wines of the South of France: from the Spanish border to the Italian frontier, including the island of Corsica. There has been a revolution in quality and experimentation with the wines of the South of France, and the vineyards of the Midi are now among the most exciting in Europe. New areas are opening up and new growers are moving in - grubbing up mass producers, introducing new grape varieties, allowing yields to plummet and employing modern techniques and growing methods to improve the wines beyond recognition. The author has revisited and researched each area and covered their history, viticulture, vinification techniques and the developments of all key growers.

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