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Tom Cannavan

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gwebg.gif (13670 bytes)The Good Web Guide to Wine

Tom Cannavan

Paperback - 160 pages (21 September, 2000)
The Good Web Guide; ISBN: 1903282047

A simple search for wine-related subjects on the Internet will confirm that wine has adopted the web in a fashion unlike any other food or drink subject. The downside is a cyber-space so crowded with wine-related sites that it makes for a time-consuming and often frustrating surfing experience. This book contains around 100 in-depth reviews of related websites. It is aimed at everyone who is frustrated by the confusion of material on the Internet, much of which is misleading and uninformative. Readers are pointed towards concise and authoritative information about the specific wine areas they are interested in. "The Good Web Guide to Wine" casts a knowledgeable and critical eye over the world of on-line wine, pin-pointing those sites that really deliver the goods and sifting out those that merely flatter to deceive. The Internet has been scoured for the best sites in a number of categories including wine appreciation, wine sales, regional guides, on-line magazines, educational resources and those sites that simply celebrate the joy of wine. To qualify for inclusion, not only must sites have the highest standard of content, but they must be up-to-date and easy to use.

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